Terms & Conditions

a. Our description With Understanding:

When you place any order by accessing our website- buyincart.com then you should agree with our general terms & conditions. It understand that you already read our terms & conditions and understood them properly. Though we buyincart.com reserve the right for recreation or modify the terms and conditions of the website at any circumstances. It is your major responsibilities to follow the update changes to keep alert as a active and responsible customer.
To submit your order, you also confirm that you have carefully read all the description of our terms and all conditions with acceptance.

b. Legal Price:

On our website, you can see the catalog price appearing with the total price including VAT.
Shipment fees will include with the selling price.
All prices will also be included with the implication of the order and also have to confirm the subject for the order confirmation.

c. Customs Fees Process:

All the recipient will be responsible for the additional cost. when submitting the order the have to recognize the other expenditure. Taxes or other related charges will be deducted from the refund policy or de-taxing.
Tax will also depend on customers country. All taxes will never back to our buyincart.com.

d. Delivery & Transports Process:

Our delivery team will place your order according to your given address. If you did any wrong during the information given time, we will not be responsible for that.
For the delay of the carrier, Petokit.com will not be responsible. So you can’t raise an allegation against our website, whatever you face.
While you want to return the product for the incorrect sizing, you will not be responsible for the total amount of shipping cost.

e. Availability & Size:

We supply the available products according to the commitment which is void in some cases. For the extent of the supplier, due to unavailability buyincart.com will never be responsible.
Unfortunately, you face the unavailability of products, we will inform about this by email or phone call.

f. Our Payment Methods System:

Credit card (Skrill, Payoneer, Master Card, Visa or American Express credit card)

g. Newsletter Access:

After submitting the order form, you will be able to enjoy the 15% discount off the monthly contest. As an example, someone agreeing to receive our information through email. Like website newsletter, special offer with also the promotional letter. We think this is an easy process to get all update through email submitting.

Without the written permission we never book the parcel into the postal box. Under the guardianship, we book the goods to the customers.

h. Genuine Warranty:

We always invite our customers to check the products guarantee or the other effects and after receiving the products if there have any problem you have to return the product as soon as you can. According to the delivery law, the customer can return the product within 1 week after receiving the item. After notifying the defect or abnormality within one week can rectify the product. If it takes more than 1 week to reach our company, then you will not allow under the right of products guarantee.