Returned & Refund policy

Return policy:

Generally, we don’t take any terms for the return policy. Within 30 days you have to return your product or money if you want to refund or exchange that. You must have to follow the listed conditions.

  1. You can return the fresh item like unopened or unused.
  2. It must contain the original packages with the proof of purchase receipt.
  3. It will also be applicable for the returned item after 28 days.
  4. In some absolute cases, you may allow under the partial refund policy (if applicable)
  5. For the missing parts of the packages or not in the original condition
  6. You never send the parcel to the manufacturing company directly.

Refund policy: (if applicable)

It probably takes 2-4 weeks to refund the returned item. After receiving the refunded item, it takes 3 to 5 working days for refunded process. After complete the inspection, we will send you the confirmation mail of receiving the returned item. You will understand that the refund policy successfully approved or rejected.

After approving, the refund process will start and your credit will be automatically transferred to your payment method within certain days.

If you don’t receive the refunded credit, then have to check your bank account. Then need to contact your credit card company.

Then You will also contact your bank to get the confirmation. Sometimes it takes more time for the refunded policy.

After fulfilling those all checking, if you are still not receiving the refund yet, please contact us at

Replacement policy: (If applicable)

Replacement is not applicable for all the items. If you receive the broken or damaged products, that time you will be allowed to replace the item. With the same time same item you can exchange it, also please send us the mail through if you have any query.

Gifts Fact :

You may also get a gift credit when your item is marked as a gift and directly have to shipment. After receiving the returned items, we will mail you about the gift certificate.

While it will not be marked as a gift from the products purchases time, the refund will be sent directly to the gift provider. Then he/she has to find out you for the return.

Shipment System :

When you want to return any item then you have to bear the returning total shipping cost. Which will not be refunded also will be deducted from the refunded amount.
Your home area distance will be varying to reach the exchangeable product to you.

If the price of your shipping item is nearly $65, you must have to use the track able shipping insurance. Otherwise, we will not able to give the guarantee that, the item will be returned appropriately