Our Delivery Policy:

Dear Customer, thank you for visiting our website for the best products you choose already. For your favor, we have listed our products delivery terms and conditions policy below. Shipping time duration: nearly 2 to 3 weeks.

Buy In Cart Adjustment policy:

Our delivery team will process your order within 3 to 5 working days except for weekends or holidays.

For a high quantity of orders, shipment process can take an extra few days probably. Please allow us for additional delay timing. For the reason of any significant delay, we will notify you through admin@buyincart.com or by phone call.

Rate And Estimates Of shipment:

Shipment charges will be included with the total price which will not be displayed at checkout description. Generally, we provide for customers the free shipment services. For unusual delivery method like the paid shipment of delivery, you have to notify us before order submission. We have started the worldwide shipment process.

Customers Shipping Address:

Need to fill up your full addresses very carefully. Our shipping team will place your order in time according to the page given address that you should be careful. Any kind of wrong information you put that, then we will never suffer for this.

Order Confirmation And Tracking Number:

We will send you the confirmation mail after confirming your order with the shipping tracking number. That tracking number will be available for the paid shipment method within 48 hours.

Your Country Customs With The Taxes And Process:

Our buyincart.com will not be responsible for any kinds of taxes or customs for your submitted order. All will be going to be your responsibility of the customer after or during the shipment.


Our company will not be liable for any kind of shipping products lost or damage. If accidentally you receive any damaged products, do not forget to claim a report to the shipping carrier. You need to gather all packages with broken or damaged products while submitting the claim.

We buyincart.com following the international shipping policy to expand our worldwide services. And we always want 100% customer satisfaction.