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My name is Mehedy Hasan since I used to be a toddler I continuously had in my mind that I´ll live off my passion that I want; fashion and accessories. Those magic colors, those shapes and sparkling, even a number of them looked attractive, and every one them settled within the system, all those beauties…is not that surprising?

Buyincart’s journey began when Mehedy Hasan set out to create a way for people to find the fashion they always wanted. Style is an expression of you, and the world should see it. We believe high quality should be accessible, why compare quality or design for the price? We started Buyincart because we couldn’t find well designed, quality accessories, jewelry, and watches, at fair prices. They were either overpriced or mass-produced with little taste for design. Today, Buyincart is forging a new path in premium fashion accessories by industry expertise, respect for design and quality, and a relentless quest to discovering.